Humanity is awakening with the transforming Earth, requiring us to shine the light of our consciousness on the individual and collective Shadow


Sienna Lea, M.A. Psychology, is an author, speaker and wayshower who has spent the past 30 years travelling the world, and working with people to break their contracts with the dark side by exposing the hidden agendas of power and control buried deep within the Shadow Self.

Sienna senses the collective awakening has advanced to the point of being ready for new level of personal responsibility and sovereignty, and is heeding the call to help midwife the Evolution of Humanity. Her work is on the cutting edge of the psycho-spiritual revolution.

Sienna’s mission in life is to help Humanity gain real knowledge and processes that work on all levels to rediscover, reclaim, and reintegrate who and what they truly are.


Topics Sienna Covers

– The hidden mechanisms of internal power and control that tie us to the matrix of violence.

– How personal sovereignty tied to the surfacing of the Deep Shadow.

– How we heal the feminine aspect of the human psyche that has been mutated by these intrusive forces over the last several thousand years.

– The roles archetypes play in our choices today.

– How does the Power Elite manipulate us through what we do not own within ourselves.

– How we change the future by breaking our contracts with power.

– How the Shadow hold the key to the next leap in human evolution.

– The keys women hold to accelerate evolutionary change.